ARMA Networks

Incorporated in ARMA’s alliance are a number of national networks and local groups in defined geographical areas.
Our current sites include:


East Dorset
Stoke on Trent

Across the UK, these networks bring together patients and patient groups, clinicians and allied health professionals to work towards improving service provision on a local level.

These groups work locally to:

  • Monitor local service provision.
  • Identify and campaign on local service issues.
  • Raise local awareness and knowledge of the conditions.
  • Provide a shared forum for service users, providers and planners.

A core aim for ARMA is to foster co-operation, understanding and mutual support between individuals and organisations.
If there’s no local group in your area why not start a new one? Contact us.



Network Induction Pack

Updated June 2016

A guide to provide advice and assistance when forming a new network. It also details specific advice for already established Networks.

Click the icon below to download the Network Induction Pack in PDF (478 Kb).



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