Changes to shielding guidance

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The shielding guidance has changed so that from 1 June 2020 people who are shielding are advised that they may go outside once per day following strict social distancing. No other aspect of the guidance has changed, so people are still advised that they should remain 2 metres away from other members of their household, minimise the time spent in shared spaces, etc. Some people with MSK conditions are shielding, either because of the combination of medication they are taking or because they have other conditions that make them extremely vulnerable. Please note that the people advised to shield have a specific set of conditions; being over 70 alone does not put you in this group.

The guidance is advisory, so people do not have to follow it, and those who wish to remain inside can do so. The support available to people who are shielding, such as food deliveries remain in place. People who are shielding can still be placed on furlough if eligible or claim statutory sick pay.

The full guidance can be found in the Government’s publications.