International opportunities and global standards

Members of BASRaT will soon be able to work abroad thanks to the new international arrangement between ARTI Ireland, BASRaTorg, BOCATC US and CATA Canada.

The agreement will enhance skills, practices and education standards of sport rehabilitators and athletic trainers in the UK, Canada, America and Ireland due to the agreement ensuring comparable best practices, quality education and professional standards.

The international agreement for the profession of athletic training and therapy plays a key role in optimising care, injury prevention, … Read this article

BASRaT edited BJSM issue

July’s edition of British Journal of Sports Medicine is edited by BASRAT Chief Executive, Steve Aspinall and references ARMA

BJSM’s July issue is an invaluable read.  Edited by BASRaT Chief Executive, Steve Aspinall, Steve focusses on both treating the patient in front of you and the power of language: integrating research into effective clinical practice.

“In a year of great turmoil and hardship for the vast majority of society, it has also been a time for organisations, professional associations and Read this article

Post-viral fatigue after COVID

It is estimated that one in 10 people still have symptoms 12 weeks after falling ill with COVID-19. Experts at BASRAT have compiled this infographic to aid recovery from Long COVID and post-viral fatigue.

Experts at BASRAT have compiled this infographic to aid recovery from Long COVID and post-viral fatigue.

The infographic includes the latest knowledge and input from Graduate Sport Rehabilitators working with COVID patients. The content and terminology has been tailored to help patients and reinforce confidence that … Read this article

Free sport and exercise medicine seminars

Bookings are now open for an upcoming series of free sport and exercise medicine seminars delivered by the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine and the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine that will explore current issues relevant to all SEM practitioners.

Running every Thursday evening in April, the sessions will feature presentations from leading clinicians and academics as well as those with lived experience. Exploring the importance of physical activity in areas like COVID-19 recovery and mental health, … Read this article

COVID-19 and older people

The Centre for Ageing Better and The Physiological Society have produced a report: A National COVID-19 Resilience Programme.

The report says that home confinement in older people may cause: (i) cardio respiratory and metabolic deconditioning, (ii) insulin resistance, (iii) muscle loss and (iv) increased fat mass. In addition, social isolation may be worsened.

The report makes recommendations including a tailored exercise programme and broad interventions to support increased activity levels; optimising nutrition and embedding behaviour change.

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Let’s Move with Leon

Versus Arthritis has launched a new free physical activity programme, Let’s Move with Leon, designed and presented by exercise expert Leon Wormley who specialises in working with people with arthritis and related conditions. The programme consists of weekly 30-minute movement sessions delivered right to a subscriber’s email inbox. Leon’s classes are a holistic, full-body programme and – they’re great fun!

Anyone can sign up to Let’s Move with Leon here.

For people who are not yet ready to commit … Read this article

ESCAPE-pain: using education and exercise to support people with chronic joint pain

Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare (HEE e-LfH) has worked with ESCAPE-pain and the Health Innovation Network to develop two e-learning resources, aimed at helping healthcare professionals and exercise instructors understand the principles behind the ESCAPE-pain programme – facilitating group education and exercise sessions for people living with chronic joint pain and learning how the programme may be implemented in their organisation.

What is the ESCAPE-pain programme?

ESCAPE-pain is an evidence-based and cost-effective group rehabilitation programme for people with chronic … Read this article

Sport Rehabilitators supporting the NHS

Sport Rehabilitators and Covid-19 – working with patients and supporting the NHS

For an article on the Rehab Recruits scheme, BASRaT spoke to two sport rehabilitators to take a closer look at the fantastic work they are doing.

The NHS and MSKREFORM appealed for professionals who could temporarily work in an NHS role. The Rehab Recruits programme from MSKReform aimed to bring willing MSK clinicians together to help the NHS in its fight against Covid-19.

Sport Rehabilitators, Megan Thorley … Read this article

Moving Medicine COVID-19 Recovery Resources

Moving Medicine, an FSEM (UK) initiative, has published a series of resources designed to help those who are recovering from COVID-19.

The COVID 19 infection frequently leaves people feeling tired, weak, short of breath performing simple tasks, lacking in motivation, anxious or even feeling depressed. These symptoms can go on for a lot longer than expected and it can feel like you’ll never get back to normal.

To assist those recovering, Moving Medicine has produced resources that help people … Read this article

FSEM Staying Active at Home resources

The Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine (UK) has updated their Staying Active at Home resources to include a series of short videos introducing some simple exercises that can be carried out at home, and which are particularly suitable for people who are older or have long-term health conditions. They include exercises that can be performed while sitting, standing, walking or lying down, and were produced with the help of Pure Sports Medicine.

You can watch the videos on our … Read this article