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Inquiry – Call for Evidence
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Between February and December 2023 ARMA will deliver the first ever national inquiry into MSK health inequalities to explore and highlight the issues and make recommendations for improvement. Financial support was provided for this project as charitable grants from Grunenthal UK Ltd, Pfizer Limited and Jansen.

The prevalence and impact of musculoskeletal conditions are not experienced equally across the population. Musculoskeletal conditions are linked to deprivation, age, are more prevalent in women, and disproportionately affect some minority ethnic groups.

Deprivation is a significant driver of inequalities in MSK health. People in deprived areas experience more chronic pain, are more likely to have a long term MSK condition and experience worse clinical outcomes and quality of life.  We are therefore focusing this inquiry on MSK health inequalities and deprivation.

The aims of the inquiry

  • Set out the evidence for inequalities in MSK health related to deprivation and explore the possible underlying reasons.
  • Propose actions which can be taken to address these, both in design and delivery of MSK services, and actions to address wider determinants of health and prevention.
  • Raise the profile of the issues and possible solutions.

How will the inquiry work

A call for evidence is now open
We want to hear from researchers, clinicians, policy makers, people living with MSK conditions and anyone else who would like to contribute.  Our first call for evidence is open until Monday 3 April.

We are recruiting a lived experience panel to support the inquiry.
Closing date for applications 27 March 2023.

We will hold some oral evidence sessions
Details of how you can watch these will be posted here when available.

An expert panel will advise the process

A report will be written and published at the end of the year