Collaboration is for life

This month sees Bone and Joint Week and I am looking forward to cutting the ribbon at our virtual launch event and declaring the week open. It’s a week of celebration of the importance of musculoskeletal health and its role in enabling us to live independent healthy lives. It’s a chance of all of us to come together and celebrate the role we play in promoting good MSK health and support for those with MSK conditions. All of us, those … Read this article

Guest blog: Best MSK Health for London

What is the roadmap for improving musculoskeletal health in London?

Personal view from Ian Bernstein, Clinical Director for Musculoskeletal Health, NHS England and NHS Improvement, London Region.

The Best MSK Health collaborative at NHS England brings together providers and people with lived experience to “enable best MSK health for all”. [1] The programme formally launched in February 2021 as we were riding the second COVID wave; and the timing is significant.  We have known for many years that musculoskeletal problems … Read this article

BestMSK Health Update webinar

BestMSK Health Collaborative Update and Futures Launch,
Monday 7 June 2021 5.00pm – 6.30pm

Building on the BestMSK Health Collaborative launch event in February, this webinar will share key programme updates on musculoskeletal (MSK) including progress from clinical workstream leads and next steps.

The webinar will explore how we intend to work with your teams, our stakeholders and partners in the future and will launch BestMSK Future NHS Platform which will be the main point for our communication and engagement … Read this article

#BestMSKHealth programme launch

NHS England has launched a new programme with the aim of sustaining the delivery of evidence-informed, personalised, high-quality integrated healthcare of value to all. This new initiative, part of the Pathways for Better Health Programme, significantly increases the resource to support MSK service delivery.

The programme covers the breadth of MSK including orthopaedics, rheumatology and pain, spanning primary secondary and community services. You can watch the launch event here.

The programme has ten workstreams, each led by … Read this article

White Paper on NHS Reform

Policy Paper

Integration and innovation: Working together to improve health and social care for all

Updated 11 February 2021

The Government published a white paper, “Integration and innovation: Working together to improve health and social care for all” on 11 February 2021. This sets out proposals for changes in legislation with the aim of enabling integration within the NHS in England and between the NHS, local government and other health system partners. The proposals are grouped under four … Read this article

CEO update: Looking forward together

by Sue Brown, CEO ARMA

Here we are back in lockdown, with the NHS under even more pressure and MSK services severely impacted. COVID-19 response is still dominating the work of ARMA, although we are also progressing plans for other work in 2021. There are some different issues for MSK this time around, and vaccination currently dominates our work. When some people with MSK conditions are vaccinated, the timings of MSK treatment may need to be considered.

I am delighted … Read this article

MSK Together conference

ARMA’s first ever online multi-disciplinary conference was a great end to a difficult year. We wanted to bring together the whole range of stakeholders from across MSK health, including policy makers and people living with MSK conditions to talk about how we can do things differently and work together.

Two thirds of those completing the feedback described the conference as excellent.

  • Happy to be there for a brilliant day! Well done to all – great discussions, speakers and openly discussing
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Power to the people: MSK Coproduction Tweet Chat

At 7pm on 21 September 2020, people living with musculoskeletal conditions and healthcare professionals and policy influencers congregated in anticipation of a tweet chat on Twitter – ‘Power to the People.’

The tweet chat encompassed co-production of a new NHS MSK strategy – patients and healthcare professionals improving care together. The discussion for that hour involved 51 people, 279 posts, 1197 engagements. The #MSKCoPro was seen over half a million times by over 100,000 users.

If you missed it, there

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Co-production: patients and healthcare professionals improving care together

Last month’s newsletter included a blog about how NHS England/Improvement is working in partnership with people with lived experience of MSK conditions to “co-produce” work on MSK services. In September, over fifty people joined our tweet chat on co-production. In the course of an hour, professionals and people with MSK conditions engaged in lively discussion and debate about what helps coproduction, what gets in the way and good examples in practice. A summary of the discussion has now been published.… Read this article

NHS Change Challenge initiatives published

The NHS Change Challenge used crowdsourcing to identify almost 200 initiatives introduced during lockdown which proved beneficial. The project is now working to write these up in more detail so that we can publish them back onto the site for further comments and discussion. Due to the overwhelming responses received, the focus initially is on writing up the highest-scoring ideas based on impact and feasibility within each challenge area. 

The first two ideas have been published on the site. Keep … Read this article