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This is where we post the latest Musculoskeletal and Arthritis news provided by ARMA's member bodies, including reports on policy meetings, healthcare best practice, disease research, fundraising events, patient studies and much more related to musculoskeletal disorders and arthritis. News items posted here are also distrubuted to our subscribers via our ARMA newsletter. If you are interested in receiving updates via email, sign up here.

Gut Bacteria may influence immune system

    Learning How Gut Bacteria Influence Health:   Scientists Crack Sparse Genome of Microbe Linked to Autoimmunity ScienceDaily (Sep. 14, 2011) Scientists have deciphered the genome of a bacterium implicated as a key player in regulating the immune system …Read More

ARMA – welcomes NICE announcement

  ARMA welcomes NICE announcement to develop quality standards for musculoskeletal conditions…   The Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance (ARMA) and its 37 member organisations welcomes the announcement by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) to include rheumatoid arthritis, low …Read More

Patient Campain User

    New Patient Campain Blog A new blog has been added to the new ARMA website for news and progress relating to Patient focused campains. The initial campain is a public awarness campain for Inflammatory Arthritis. Inflammatory Arthritis public …Read More

The third Annual Fit for Work Europe Conference

      The third Annual Fit for Work Europe Conference   The third Annual Fit for Work Europe Conference took place on Wednesday 19 October 2011 in Brussels, endorsed by the Polish Presidency of the EU.    Attracting over 170 …Read More

News Release from National Voices

    30 Charities call on David Nicholson to endorse the  New Principles for Integrated Care.   To read the report   Summary   MORE than 30 national charities have written to Sir David Nicholson, Chief Executive of the NHS in …Read More

Neil Betteridge steps down as chief executive

    Neil Betteridge steps down as chief executive of Arthritis Care In a statement issued by the Board of Trustees on 22 September, the chair of Arthritis Care, Rosemary Blair, announced that chief executive, Neil Betteridge, is moving on …Read More


     PERSONAL HEALTH BUDGETS ATTRACTIVE TO PEOPLE WITH ARTHRITIS PRESS RELEASE – 20 September 2011 Most people with arthritis would welcome the opportunity to manage their own Personal Health Budget according to initial survey results released today by Arthritis …Read More

NRAS and CSP – World Arthritis Day

    World Arthritis Day   The official World Arthritis Day is celebrated on 12 October, although campaigning continues around the year. The aims of World Arthritis Day are to raise awareness of rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs) amongst the …Read More

NASS Launches Back to Action App

    NASS launches new free exercise App for people with ankylosing spondylitis on World Arthritis Day   In keeping with the World Arthritis Day theme ‘Move to Improve’, NASS is delighted to launch it’s very first FREE App based …Read More

Tocilizumab specifically licensed sJIA

Trials of a new medicine, called Tocilizumab, suggest that it is thrr times as effective at halting the progression of rheumatoid arthritis as the standard therapy given to most patients. Tocilizumab is a laboratory-made antibody, which works by targeting a biological signalling pathway …Read More

ARMA e-postcards

     ARMA Postcards What is an e-postcard –  it is a notification when new content is published on the ARMA website. To receive an ARMA e-postcard you must first have registered as a user. To subscribe is quite simple, go to your …Read More

ARMA Daily

ARMA Daily Newsletter As a follow-up to the development of the new ARMA website, we decided to offer daily and weekly newsletter to our members. This is in addition to our monthly A4T newsletter, which will still be produced.  As …Read More