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This is where we post the latest Musculoskeletal and Arthritis news provided by ARMA's member bodies, including reports on policy meetings, healthcare best practice, disease research, fundraising events, patient studies and much more related to musculoskeletal disorders and arthritis. News items posted here are also distrubuted to our subscribers via our ARMA newsletter. If you are interested in receiving updates via email, sign up here.

World Network Conference 2011

  Equality in Healthcare – Bridging the gaps Beirut, October 2011 Held under the auspices of the Lebanese Ministry of Health, Lebanon was host to ‘The Bone and Joint Decade World Network Conference 2011’ which took place from October 14-16 …Read More

NHS Confederation – From illness to wellness

  The lack of integrated services to improve health and well-being across the NHS and local government is a missed opportunity to create long-term savings and make a real impact on patients and local communities. The lack of integrated services …Read More

Scleroderma Society fundraising  volunteers

    Volunteers needed for fundraising – Wear Your Gloves to Work Day: Friday 29 June 2012 The Scleroderma Society are looking for volunteers to help with a new fundraising idea that we are planning to launch in 2012. The idea is …Read More

A Practical Guide to Measuring and Monitoring Patient Experience

  Implementing the National Quality Standard and Beyond Thursday 8th March 2012, London   The draft NICE quality standard: Patient Experience in Adult NHS Services has been published and is in consultation.  It focuses on generic patient experiences and is …Read More

      Two new appointments for NASS Director Debbie Cook ASIF: The NASS Director, Debbie Cook, is delighted to have been elected to the Ankylosing Spondylitis International Federation’s (ASIF) Executive Committee soon after her appointment with NASS. ASIF consists …Read More

NASS Patient Conference & AGM, 23 June 2012

The annual NASS Patient Conference & AGM is taking place on Saturday 23 June 2012 at Weetwood Hall, Leeds. We are delighted to be joined by Dr Chris Deighton, President-Elect of the BSR who will discuss the patient’s influence in …Read More

NRAS new service for Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

      New service for Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis   NRAS have announced that they have secured funding to set up a new division of NRAS which will address the needs of children, families, adolescents and teenagers with Juvenile …Read More

NRAS Self Management Programme

                                         NRAS are pleased to announce that the first programme will be delivered by Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth in early …Read More

NASS – New Campaigns Officer

    NASS is delighted to welcome its new Campaigns Officers, Sophie Matthew, who joined NASS this month initially on a 9 month contract. Sophie has a strong background in campaigning having worked previously for Shelter and The London Housing …Read More

New Patient Guidebook

NASS Patient Guidebook   NASS have completely revised their patient guidebook which is aimed at people who have been recently diagnosed with AS. We have also produced 3 new leaflets covering Driving and AS, Fatigue and AS and Uveitis and …Read More

National MSK Advice and Triage Service launched

   National MSK Advice and Triage Service launched  A formal launch will take place in the new year, the service during this pilot phase is for Lanarkshire residents with Lothian coming on Board in the new year. We envisage this will …Read More

Quality and Productivity in RA

This booklet and the cases within it are examples of sharing best practice and are intended for healthcare professionals working in rheumatoid
arthritis. Roche and Chugai supported editorial development of some of the cases as part of Joint Working initiatives between NHS and the industry. The remaining cases were developed independently of Roche and Chugai through interviews and liaison with case study contributors carried out by an independent medical writer. Roche and Chugai funded the write-up of the casebook by providing the medical writer and have
paid for all printing costs.