Links added during the WT20 Conference webinar

The following links were added to the chat during the webinar:

Coproduction of healthcare service

NHS Change Challenge

Shared Decision Making for patients on surgical waiting list infographic

Clinical validation of surgical waiting lists: framework and support tools

The Doctor will Zoom you Now

Personalised Care Institute home page

Arthritis Action’s Personalised Member Pathway

National Voices resource on how waiting for care impacts on people

ONS data
For data geeks who want to see the ONS data Natalie mentioned

Public Health Profiles
Public Health England’s fingertips tools on local data on the populations where you live

Patient involvement in rheumatology outpatient service design and delivery

More on the ECHO project:

Project Echo’s “Origin Stories” video.

Changes in Opioid Prescribing Behaviors among Family Physicians Who Participated in a Weekly Tele-Mentoring Program