The video of the latest webinar in the MSK Webinar Series is up on our site.

You now can watch “Focus on Musculoskeletal Health: developing and implementing a JSNA chapter” which uses the example of the London Borough of Ealing and NHS Ealing CCG to outline the development of the JSNA chapter, and show why this is important for improving the musculoskeletal health of a local population.

You can see this on our Webinar page, as well as recordings of past webinars from the MSK series, including:

  •     Sport, Exercise, Training and Delivery in the NHS
  •     Self-care workforce skills
  •     Joint Pain Advisor Webinar
  •     Getting It Right First Time Masterclass
  •     Clinical Networks: Transforming MSK Care
  •     Physiotherapy in Primary Care
  •     The Musculoskeletal Health Questionnaire
  •     New models of MSK Masterclass
  •     Work & Health MSK Webinar

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