Update to Ealing MSK JSNA chapter

The London Borough of Ealing and NHS Ealing CCG published their update to the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) chapter on Musculoskeletal Health in December 2017. The JSNA is a statutory document that describes the health and social care needs of the population, identifies gaps and unmet needs, and makes evidence-based recommendations to health and social care commissioners.

Two versions have been published.  A visually appealing ‘Focus on’ Musculoskeletal Health chapter provides a compact, easy-to-navigate review, and is essential reading for commissioners and providers of musculoskeletal services:


A comprehensive and fully referenced evidence-based JSNA chapter on Musculoskeletal Health is also available, including a complete list of recommendations.  The full version adopts the life course approach proposed by Arthritis Research UK (ARUK), and includes both national data from the Global Burden of Disease, and local data from the ARUK Musculoskeletal Calculator.  This will be of interest to Directors of Public Health and senior policy makers:


Contact ian.bernstein@nhs.net for a copy of the templates.