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Speaker announced for Back Pain Show

by Garreth

A top Birmingham physio who will be speaking at The Back Pain Show in the Spring has identified a radical new approach to promoting recovery from the scourge of back pain which affects 75 per cent of the UK population.

Changing what you think and do about back pain and introducing 7/11 breathing are two of 10 tips on a brand new list of what to do to get your own back on back pain, put together by David Rogers, a physiotherapist based at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham.

He will be talking at The Back Pain Show 2017, a major new free-entry event taking place at St Andrew’s Stadium on 19 and 20 May staged by the UK charity Back Care, who have recognised the need for a stand-alone exhibition focussed solely on the issue.

David will be joined by a range of speakers and exhibitors ranging from providers of therapies and exercise regimes through to furniture designed to help aid posture in workplaces and the home. The Show will also focus on manual handing as an issue responsible for causing untold pain and lost working days in offices and factories. To register for free entry and to find out more about the two-day show go to

David, co-author of the book “Back to Life” which offers a new way of dealing with back pain, says back pain affects nearly everyone one way or another.

“Whether it’s a sudden flare-up which stops us in our tracks or having to deal with persistent pain which prevents us doing the things that make us tick, back pain can often vary from day to day, making it difficult to plan things,” he said.

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