#SolvingTogether hip and knee replacement challenge

#SolvingTogether is an initiative to capture, assess, test and share ideas that support elective recovery. It was initiated by Director of Transformation for NHS England and Improvement Tim Ferris. It takes the form of a crowdsourcing platform where people can post ideas, backed up by tweet chats.

The major phase of #SolvingTogether will start in mid-February 2022. It will consist of six challenges that we will ask a huge range of people to respond to: people working at the point of care, service users and families, clinical and managerial leaders, partners in other sectors and clinical innovators and entrepreneurs. We anticipate hundreds of good ideas for improvement. This phase will be led by regional teams of NHS England and Improvement, supported by a national team.

A prototype, ‘People waiting for hip and knee replacement challenge’, launched on Monday 24 January. This focuses on supporting people waiting for hip and knee replacement operations. The Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance, Versus Arthritis, Arthritis Action, the British Orthopaedic Association and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy lead this challenge. The prototype challenge is open for at least four weeks.

There are many ways people can get involved: post their experiences, good practices, ideas, comments and votes. People will also have the opportunity to contribute and engage through a tweet chat.

Whilst the platform is open, a team of community managers will ensure each idea has an engaging response, connecting people where possible. Topic experts (champions) will also be evaluating the content while the challenge is live and when the ‘People waiting for hip and knee surgery challenge’ closes, every idea, vote and comment submitted will be reviewed and themed. The most promising approaches will be tested and prototyped and the practices spread widely.

The aim is to co-create a set of high value changes that can be spread across the country and that link with and amplify other local, regional and nationwide initiatives supporting people waiting for hip and knee replacement surgery.

Visit solvingtogether.crowdicity.com