SMILE-RA introductory video

SMILE-RA is a unique and engaging e-learning experience for people with RA and their families who want to understand more about RA, its treatments and how to support their loved one. SMILE-RA has a modular approach to learning, so each module is on a particular theme or subject and takes between 20 mins and half an hour to complete.

There is an intuitive interface which makes it easy to use and navigate around. After registering and completing the Foundation module which includes baseline evaluation questions, users can then direct their own learning experience and choose whichever modules are of interest to explore next.

video image

See the introductory video here.

NRAS is all too aware how much impact the pandemic has had on rheumatology services and they hope that SMILE-RA will answer many of the questions people may have about their RA and how to cope with the daily challenges it brings. It’s free and easy to register, simply visit and START SMILING!