Rheumatology nursing webinar 2021

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Rheumatology nursing webinar

Re-focusing on rheumatology nurse development

16 Mar 2021
18:30 – 20:30 online

The RCN Rheumatology forum is proud to present the programme for the March 2021 webinar. Julie Begum, RCN Rheumatology Forum chair will be joined by Professor Sarah Ryan, Kay Hughes and Rachel Cowey. The speakers will be considering three topical issues as they explore biologics, blood test results and the importance of professional development for rheumatology nurses.

By attending this session attendees will be able to:

  • understand the importance of continued professional development to improve professional capabilities and apply theory to clinical practice
  • consider the changing landscape of biologic therapy and the impact of this on medication selection and patient care
  • identify normal values in blood tests used in rheumatology. Recognise abnormal results and discuss the impact of this on patient care

Julie Begum, Chair of the RCN Rheumatology Forum, said: “Over the last year our priorities have been on navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and keeping our patients safe. This year spare some time for you and your rheumatology professional development.”