Improving MSK Medicine & Rheumatology

Starts: Thursday, 22 November 2018 – 09:00
Ends: Saturday, 24 November 2018 – 13:00

Special Joint Injection Session (Pre-booked)
with speakers Drs Alan Walker, Arthur Mone, Simon McGraw and Ms Kirsty Smith.

Following the previous interest in injection workshops using cadavers, this year the PCRS is running
workshops on Thursday morning and afternoon, the first day of the Annual Conference.
As well as the traditional formalin preparations, there will also be Thiel-embalmed specimens this time, which give a flexible and more life-like experience. The hand, wrist, and the elbow regions will be featured. Our team of PCRS presenters will be joined by Kirsty Smith, specialist hand physiotherapist, who will add her insights to the subject.

Physical activity – Dr Jean Wong
The new community GPSI MSK Team – Dr Alastair Dickson
John Dickson Memorial Lecture: Chronic pain, surgery and use of opioids – lessons and evidence from low back pain studies – Mr Diarmaid Ferguson

This year’s workshops:
Is pain self-management your first choice, or last resort? – Pete Moore
Osteoporosis – Zoe Paskins, Keele
When does foot pain become arthritis? – Jill Halstead-Rastrick
NICE Guidelines for SpA- Spondyloarthritis -Who to refer to rheumatology: what to look out for and
what to do – Nicky Goodson
Developing the FSEM-PCR diploma. Discussion re the curriculum and developing it further – Jean
Wong & Andrew Jackson
Choosing Wisely – Shared Decision Making – David Pilbury
Gout – experiences developing an MDT, nurse-led clinic approach in primary care – Alastair Dickson
Ultrasound – Lucy Douglas/Tony Mitchell
Chronic pain/fibromyalgia – Mike Horsfield
Orthopaedic examination and case histories – Louise Warburton & Sukhman Kalra

Delegate booking:
Venue: Park Inn Hotel, North Street, York, YO1 6JF
Download this year’s event programme and booking application form (both PDF).
Visit the events page for details and enquiries.

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