Power to the people: MSK Coproduction Tweet Chat

At 7pm on 21 September 2020, people living with musculoskeletal conditions and healthcare professionals and policy influencers congregated in anticipation of a tweet chat on Twitter – ‘Power to the People.’

The tweet chat encompassed co-production of a new NHS MSK strategy – patients and healthcare professionals improving care together. The discussion for that hour involved 51 people, 279 posts, 1197 engagements. The #MSKCoPro was seen over half a million times by over 100,000 users.

If you missed it, there were too many tweets to publish them all, but here are some of the themes that emerged in response to questions about:

Please feel free to continue the chat using #MSKCoPro.

What gets in the way

A number of practical issues were identified such as people thinking it takes too long and lots of meetings but no action. Some very interesting discussions about power and about professionals’ vulnerability.

What helps

Lots of themes came up including giving patients control of the agenda, showing the difference their input will make, listening to patients, raising awareness and demystifying coproduction, the importance of taking time to build relationships. A lot about the fact this requires culture change.

Practical examples of coproduction in action