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Portsmouth patient conferences

by Garreth

Patient Conferences

Did you miss getting to the Rheumatology Conferences in 2016?

  • Love Your Bones, June 2016
  • Day to Day Living with Arthritis, September 2016

If yes, don’t worry. We are pleased to say that some of the presentations from both events are now available on the Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust You Tube page.


Patient Advice and Information Line

Did you know that there are two options for the Patient Advice and Information line?

Telephone: 02392286935

Please ensure that you leave the correct information:
Full Name
Date of Birth
Hospital Number
Brief information about what your call/email is about

Colin Beevor – Matron and Service Manager
Department of Rheumatology
Queen Alexandra Hospital
Cosham, PO6 3LY

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