National Osteoporosis Society Campaign media coverage success

The National Osteoporosis Society launched its new Message to My Younger Self campaign with a bang this month, earning the charity over 300 pieces of media coverage on TV, radio and national press.

The campaign, which runs throughout the summer until the end of October, is looking to start conversations about bone health between generations and launched with a focus on the need for a healthy, balanced diet.

Some of the key coverage included articles in The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and BBC Health Online, as well as BBC Radio’s Today Programme and Jeremy Vine show.

The National Osteoporosis Society is also revitalising its Stop at One campaign to encourage people to find out if they are at risk of osteoporosis.

Launching in May 2017, the charity will be piloting new campaign collateral (leaflets, posters and scratch cards) in eight fracture clinics across the UK targeting people over the age of 50 with an existing fracture.

The campaign has two main objectives: to encourage people who have broken a bone and are over 50 to ask for more information on osteoporosis and take an online quiz and to educate key staff in fracture clinics to put people at risk of osteoporosis on the correct pathway to a risk assessment.