Commissioning MSK Services

Musculoskeletal core offer for Local NHS plans

The impact of musculoskeletal ill-health on individuals, NHS and the economy is widely recognised including in the NHS Long Term Plan: “Longer-term health conditions also make an increasing contribution to the overall burden of disease. Mental health, respiratory and musculoskeletal conditions are responsible for a substantial amount of poor health and place a substantial burden on the NHS and other care services.”

Effectively addressing musculoskeletal conditions will therefore be important in delivering on the ambition of the long-term plan. ARMA has developed a core offer to help those developing local services to understand what is needed to deliver evidence based, cost effective services for good MSK population health, and to signpost towards information and support available to help those looking to improve services.

The core offer sets out what is required in five areas:

  • Underpinning framework
  • Services
  • Prevention
  • Mental Health
  • Personalisation

ARMA has also developed a maturity matrix to assist in assessing how well developed local services are and help identify priorities for improvement.

Download the core offer in PDF format:


Download the maturity matrix in PDF format:


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