Musculoskeletal Health Equalities Roundtable

The prevalence and impact of musculoskeletal conditions are not experienced equally across the population. Musculoskeletal conditions are linked to deprivation, age, are more prevalent in women, and disproportionately affect some minority ethnic groups. 

Here are some resources on health equalities for musculoskeletal health:

ARMA MSK Health Equalities Report of Roundtable

Our musculoskeletal health is what enables us to keep active, be mobile, work, study and live independently. Poor musculoskeletal health has an impact on people’s ability to maintain their health and manage other health conditions. When it results in decisions to reduce or leave work and give up social activities, poor MSK can exacerbate inequalities. MSK health impacts on other health conditions. 13.2% of the population report at least two long term conditions of which at least one is musculoskeletal.

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