Introducing the London Choosing Wisely programme

New London-wide policies will ensure everyone has equal access to eight treatments, including hip and knee replacement

A clinically-led programme of work called London Choosing Wisely is underway to draft evidence based policies for eight treatments across London. The programme’s vision is people, wherever they live in London, will have equal access to the most clinically appropriate treatment. The procedures that are being reviewed are surgical removal of benign skin lesions; hip arthroplasty; knee arthroplasty; knee arthroscopy; interventional treatments for back pain; varicose vein procedures; shoulder decompression and cataract surgery. Full details about the programme, including a list of Frequently Asked Questions, are available online via:

Public and patient involvement is embedded across the programme through patient representation and engagement with Healthwatch and third sector organisations. Please contact the London Choosing Wisely programme team via email ( to highlight any London based groups / networks whom you would advise the programme centrally engages with or opportunities where you or colleagues may be doing this already.