HMSA September summary

by Garreth

As this newsletter goes out, the International Symposium on the Ehlers-Danlos syndromes will be under way in Ghent, Belgium. Philip Bull, HMSA Trustee and medical advisor will be there, and is one of the speakers on the patient day; and the HMSA medical advisor, Alan Hakim, will be there too.

Dr Philip Bull has been incredibly busy recently and over the past few weeks has trained over 300 GPs in Kent on the basics of recognising and managing hypermobility syndromes. Of course there are still 1000s of GPs we need to reach across the country, but as the saying goes ‘every little helps’ and we are really pleased that progress is being made.

The HMSA helpline is getting busier after the summer lull. School is back, so questions are coming in about hands, and the strain they’re under from writing. Talk to the teacher or the SEN co-ordinator (SENCO) if you think your child needs extra help.

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