Fit For the Future: a Vision for General Practice

The Royal College of GPs (RCGP) has published a vision for general practice for 2030. It sees a very different place for general practice from the current model, with increased multidisciplinary working and a greater focus on prevention and well-being. This was developed with the involvement of patients, GPs and other stakeholders.

This is a response to the changing nature of health needs with more people presenting with complex and multiple conditions. The current primary care workforce is stretched and the numbers of GPs per 1,000 of population have declined by 5% in the last ten years.

The document sees general practice in 2030 remaining the first point of contact for most patients, but not focused on GPs, more on multidisciplinary teams, freeing up GPs to do what needs a GP. Practices should become well-being hubs addressing psychosocial needs of patients. They should host prevention, well-being and social action projects, and play a role in building strong resilient communities. They will provide links with secondary care. One example given is the potential for practices to run MSK clinics currently delivered from hospitals.

The document lists six enablers needed to deliver this:

  • Funding
  • Training
  • Workforce
  • Digital
  • Modern premises
  • Research and Innovation

The summary document contains many examples of practices already putting some of this into practice and more detail on each of the areas and enablers. Read it here.