Equity, Diversity and Belonging (EDB) Awareness Tool

Physio First logoPhysioFirst and the CSP LGBTQIA+ network have CSP logocollaboratively run a project with stakeholders to promote EDB within the recognised Professional Networks (PN) of the CSP. The outcome of this project, which was structured as a series of three facilitated meetings attended by each participating Professional Network, is the first version of an EDB reflective awareness tool.

The aim of this awareness tool is to prompt, guide and support the Leadership Teams of all PNs to  open the conversation and to reflect on equity, diversity and belonging within their own network and how they align with the CSP’s EDB Strategy.

It is hoped that Leadership Teams will use the tool and provide feedback for possible future versions. Each PN has its own size, structure, and resources and so Physio First is encouraging each PN to use the tool as best fits their situation. The questions listed in the tool are under the three headings of: Leadership, Membership and Wider Impacts and are there to help facilitate the PN’s Leadership Team to consider how EDB can be incorporated into its vision, strategy, processes and day to day work.

As physiotherapists, we ultimately strive to deliver high quality care to diverse patient/client populations. That same diversity also exists within our physiotherapy profession amongst our own colleagues who work alongside us, who we may manage or who we may report to in delivering this high quality care. The hope is that the conversation around EDB grows and that this awareness tool is a step in an ongoing journey.