Help develop the NICE guideline on technology-based ways of changing people’s behaviour

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) produces guidance on the most effective ways to prevent, diagnose and treat disease and ill health, and provide social care support. NICE guidance is based on research evidence and takes into account the views of people working in or using relevant services, and other stakeholder groups.

NICE are currently looking for people who have used technology to change their behaviour and improve their health and wellbeing, as well as their carers and those who advocate on their behalf (usually referred to as ‘lay members’ at NICE). We would like them to join the committee developing our guideline on technology-based ways of changing people’s behaviour to improve their health and wellbeing. 

The guidance will cover everyone, including children and young people aged under 16 (as well as their families and carers). The guideline will focus on technology based ways to change the following behaviours people have in order to improve their health and wellbeing:

  • smoking
  • harmful drinking
  • poor eating patterns
  • a lack of physical activity
  • unsafe sexual behaviour
  • managing weight

The guideline will also look at technology-based ways to improve mental wellbeing. For example, ways to build resilience: this is about our capacity to adapt in the face of challenging circumstances, whilst maintaining a stable mental wellbeing, as well as looking at how well people sleep and reducing feelings of loneliness or isolation.

The guideline will also specifically consider the needs of those with the following chronic or long-term conditions:

  • affecting the heart or blood vessels (including high blood pressure, stroke and coronary heart disease)
  • lung disease (asthma and COPD)
  • diabetes
  • affecting the muscles, joints and skeleton
  • mental health (including anxiety, depression and dementia)
  • cancers for which managing lifestyle behaviours would help (for example, lung cancer and quitting smoking)

Recruitment is open until 5pm on Tuesday, 24 July 2018.

Visit this link on the NICE website to apply.