The College becomes the Royal College of Podiatry

The College of Podiatry has been renamed as the Royal College of Podiatry (RCPod) after being granted permission to use the title by Her Majesty The Queen.

The RCPod is the professional body for podiatry and represents 10,000 members in the United Kingdom and internationally. With its members, the RCPod campaigns to raise awareness that good lower-limb health is essential, and that podiatry is a key element of preventative medicine in the wider health economy. Permission to use the royal title is granted by The Queen, who acts on advice provided to her by her ministers. Use of the royal title or any personal title is granted sparingly. It was noted that the College’s long history, proud heritage and its embodiment of high standards contributed towards the decision.

Chief Executive of the Royal College of Podiatry Steve Jamieson said: “I am proud that Her Majesty The Queen has granted the College royal status in its 75th year. It is the hard work of our members and their consistent dedication to the profession that is the driving force behind this achievement. I look forward to the future as part of a Royal College, whilst continuing to focus on raising the profile of podiatry and championing its unique impact on patient care.”

Chair of the Royal College of Podiatry Matthew Fitzpatrick said: “I am thrilled by today’s news and delighted for our members who are now represented by a Royal College. The professional standards associated with holding a royal title will enable the RCPod to gain a greater voice representing its members and their patients in all areas of the ealth and social care agenda.”