Championing arthritis in parliament

by Garreth

Arthritis Research UK have created a new manifesto telling MPs what they can do to ensure that everyone with arthritis can have fuller lives. To make these recommendations a reality, it is vital that MPs across the country support people with arthritis through local and national activity. Prior to the general election we asked every candidate standing to be an Arthritis Champion and had 350 pledges with 24 candidates being elected to parliament. There are also 125 returning MPs who were Arthritis Champions in the previous Parliament.

Arthritis Research UK are holding a parliamentary reception in early July for MPs and Peers to come and learn more about how they can get involved, and sign up to be Arthritis Champions during this parliament. To support this campaign, people can ask their MP to sign up to become an Arthritis Champion quickly and easily online.


Policy position on social care

Arthritis Research UK has published a policy position on social care services for people with arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions. This forms part of a suite of work Arthritis Research UK is doing to influence the social care services and improve quality of life for people with arthritis.


Forthcoming policy report on musculoskeletal conditions and multimorbidity

In mid-July, Arthritis Research UK will publish its latest policy report examining musculoskeletal conditions and multimorbidity. Musculoskeletal conditions are often found among people who live with many long-term conditions. For instance, by 65 years of age, almost five out of ten people with a heart, lung or mental health problem also have a musculoskeletal condition. With the numbers of people living with multiple long-term conditions projected to grow, it’s important that we understand the changing needs of this group and ensure they are met effectively.

Over the last two years Arthritis Research UK has examined these issues in depth. We held a roundtable, spoke to people with arthritis and other long-term conditions, healthcare professionals and researchers, conducted a literature review, and analysed the General Practice Patient Survey. All of this helped us understand more about the nature and impact of living with arthritis when combined with other long-term conditions. Our findings alongside practical recommendations for national policy-makers will be available from from mid-July.

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