Psoriatic Arthritis PSP infographic

Final update on the James Lind Alliance Psoriatic Arthritis Priority Setting Partnership

During the last two years the researchers running the James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership have explored unmet needs in psoriatic arthritis, determining what is important for people living with psoriatic arthritis, their families and carers, and the healthcare professionals treating them. The project is now complete.

The results from this project will be used to guide future research. This infographic [opens in PDF] summarizes the project and … Read this article

APPG for Osteoporosis and Bone Health Inquiry Report

osteoporosis reportThe All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Osteoporosis and Bone Health published a report into the long-standing postcode lottery in the NHS for osteoporosis care. The report highlights the scale of under-diagnosis, under-treatment and missed opportunities in the NHS, with a blueprint for change. Implementation of the blueprint in England and Wales could save the NHS around £287m over five years – a return on investment of around 3:1 – according to the Royal Osteoporosis Society (ROS), which has supported … Read this article

NASS driving service improvements

New report sheds light on game-changing innovations in axial SpA care

The report, Driving Improvements in Axial SpA Services: Building Foundations through Aspiring to Excellence was produced and published by the National Axial Spondyloarthritis Society (NASS), and launched on 22 October 2021. This is the first detailed account of service improvement projects undertaken by rheumatology teams across the UK as part of the Aspiring to Excellence programme. 

Every team on the programme is working on a project that will improve … Read this article

Relaunched Managing JIA in School booklet

booklet imageOn World Arthritis Day, JIA-at-NRAS relaunched their Managing JIA in School booklet. The update provides information on all aspects of education and is a useful resource for parents, teachers and for the child themselves. There is more information about how to inform the school about your child’s JIA, individual health care plan, tips for teachers and children and how to manage flares in school.

There are also a range of articles aimed at improving the experience of going through school … Read this article

New & improved app for teens and young adults

After a successful launch last year, Versus Arthritis has exciting news about the next evolution of their free app, “Arthritis Tracker”. Available on Android and iPhone, the symptom and wellbeing tracker can help health professionals make the most of the time they have with patients and quickly get an understanding of some the key issues that a young person is facing, leaving more time to discuss treatment options.

“The app is great – I am actively encouraging young people in Read this article

New stretching videos to help keep moving and manage your arthritis

stretching 2Versus Arthritis has developed ten new stretching ‘follow along’ videos specifically to help people with arthritis to maintain flexibility and to help relieve stiffness.

The 15-minute ‘follow along’ format means that the videos can be easily incorporated into people’s daily routine. All of the exercises are designed to be done at home with some of the fun movements making use of everyday household objects.

This video series will form a key part of Let’s Move, a dedicated programme funded … Read this article


Working closely with health professionals and people living with RA, NRAS has created SMILE-RA- a platform to support people with self-management of their RA. With an intuitive interface, the modules can be selected which are of interest and relevance.

The modules available are the following:

  • Foundation
  • Newly Diagnosed
  • Meet the Team
  • Managing pain and Flares

New modules will continue to be added as they are developed. Visit for more information!

Hear from NRAS National Patient Champion, Ailsa Bosworth MBE, … Read this article

RCPod foot arthritis patient resources

In collaboration with a number of partners the Royal College of Podiatry has developed a number of resources for people who suffer with arthritis in their feet. The main resource is available through the web page and can be accessible in over 100 languages. There are also favourable downloads in leaflet form for those wishing to pass the information on.

Please visit for further information.

Long COVID self-management tools

Physiotherapist Katie Knapton from PhysioFit and Pete Moore from the PainToolkit have co-written a self-management guide for people suffering with Long Covid. This is free and entry-level information to try and help people on the path to recovery.

If you are noticing any worsening symptoms especially in terms of chest pain and shortness of breath it is vital that you are medically assessed. If you have been medically cleared, then it is still appropriate to have support and to monitor … Read this article

New app for virtual group exercise classes to support people living with arthritis

The pandemic has led to a backlog of people, primarily over 50s, who are in need of support to manage their condition due to a combination of physical inactivity and limited access to non-emergency appointments.

Those living with MSK conditions can find it challenging to exercise due to pain, fear of injury and low motivation. However physical activity can help to alleviate symptoms and improve mental health.

A new app designed to bring people together

The VCR project, running … Read this article