2nd – 6th October 2017

So many people in the UK have some form of back pain. It is estimated that around 30 million people will suffer from back pain this year.

The debilitating condition can start in early life, as demonstrated by the fact that about one in four children regularly experience back pain. This is why BackCare, the national back pain charity, has chosen “Back Care in Education” as its theme for Back Care Awareness week, which is to take place between the 2 and 6 October this year.

BackCare was set up nearly 50 years ago to support people with back or neck pain. It provides evidence-based information, advice and guidance to its members on how to avoid and manage back pain. Its Back Care in Education campaign is being delivered in partnership with a community interest company, named Kidsbacks4theFuture, which aims to create awareness amongst children of the importance of maintaining healthy postures and taking care of their backs for the rest of their lives.

Companies and organisations, in particular educational establishments, will be encouraged through the campaign to create awareness of how the growing bones of children and young people can be harmed through lack of awareness of the damage that can be caused by poor posture; carrying heavy school bags on one shoulder; and lack of calcium and vitamin D in diets. Packs will be available to teachers and others to enable talks and demonstrations to school children and students about the need to eat and drink well, and to exercise regularly. Educational providers will also be reminded that desks, chairs and computer stations used in schools and colleges need to be designed in a way that ensures that the spine is properly supported.

The campaign will be widely promoted through social media and there are plans to publish several articles and hold a number of media interviews.

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