Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance

Back in the Office

by Garreth

October 6th-12th 2014 is BackCare Awareness Week. As ever, the aim of the week is to bring people up-to-date on the causes, prevalence and impact of back pain. In addition to this core aim, the week also seeks to raise awareness of and within a specific at-risk group, and this year it’s all about back pain in office workers.

Awareness week activities include a radio day at the start of the week and the publication of the National Back Pain Survey 2014, as well as educational and taster events at participating clinics and community centres up and down the country. The awareness week campaign is on sale now – visit for more information.


BackCare Awareness packs are available for pre-order.

Contents of the Pack

  • New Booklet ‘Back in the Office’
  • New Poster ‘Sit-Stand & Move’
  • New Booklet ‘BackCare Research – The UK Workplace’
  • Leaflet ‘Exercises for Office Workers’
  • Leaflet ‘ Backpain at work for Employers’
  • 2 copies of Talkback including the special October Edition
  • ‘Actipatch’ Sample and leaflet- Official sponsors of awareness week
  • Balloons

Price of the pack: £9.95+£2.05 p&p = £12. PRE ORDER Here! from the BackCare Shop. The packs will be dispatched 1st week of September.

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