Working Together to Change the Face of MSK

Working Together Virtual Exhibition

Like any other conference we have an exhibition area where you will be able to meet relevant companies and discuss their products.

The exhibition will be open throughout the day. Just click on the link in your delegate pack and tell the exhibition co-ordinator which company you wish to meet. You will then be moved into a room where you can talk to staff. You can leave the room and return to the exhibition foyer at any time and ask to visit a different company.

Please check the exhibitor list before you attend and take the time to visit those that interest you.


For people living with persistent pain, their pain can affect many aspects of their lives. Though the impact of the problem is clear, many people are unfamiliar with the underlying drivers of chronic pain. Pfizer and Lilly colleagues around the world are devoting their passion and scientific expertise to advancing the understanding of chronic pain with the goal of improving patient treatment, care, and outcomes*.

To find out more, please join us during the meeting today, or visit our website**

* Globally, Pfizer and Lilly are working together to advance the understanding of chronic pain. However, this activity in the UK does not involve Lilly and is the sole responsibility of Pfizer Ltd.

** by visiting our exhibition break out Zoom or our website, you confirm that you are a healthcare professional or that you are in a relevant NHS/PHE decision making role.

Wesleyan Financial Services

Wesleyan Financial Services provide tailored financial planning at every stage of your professional life – whether you’re newly qualified, mid-career or approaching retirement. Your local Financial Consultant works exclusively with medics and members of the NHS so has a clear insight into your unique career path and the challenges you face. We also have the Wesleyan Members’ Advisory Board and Junior Advisory Board, which includes experts on your profession, who provide additional guidance on our policies and services, to ensure they meet your needs.

You can book a no-obligation review with your Financial Consultant at a time and place that works best for you, giving you ample opportunity to discuss any financial needs you may have. We can also arrange work place seminars designed to provide an overview of certain subjects, depending on the needs of you and your team. Some of the areas we can help with include pension advice and retirement planning; savings and investments options, financial protection for you and your family; plus finding the right mortgage for you.


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