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World Lupus Day 2013

by Garreth

World-Lupus-Day-BannerMay 10th is World Lupus Day

For World Lupus Day this year, LUPUS UK will be launching the first in a short series of video clips that feature interviews of people with lupus talking about their experiences. This first video clip highlights the difficulties many people with lupus face in obtaining a diagnosis and will be available to watch on the homepage of the LUPUS UK website from Friday May 10th

In addition to this, LUPUS UK will be;

  • Sending out a WLD poster and sheet of stickers to all of our 6000+ members for them to raise awareness in the local area.
  • Providing posters and special colouring-in bookmarks for schools. The children will learn about lupus, then take their bookmark home for their parents to read.
  • Inviting members around the UK to host coffee mornings to raise funds and awareness on Friday May 10th.
  • Using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness and engage with people who have lupus.


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