United wellness project

by Vicky Skingley

United wellness project

Participle, are looking for people living with a long term health conditions to share their insights and experience in a project to develop a more inclusive service.

They are developing a new service called United Wellness, that brings people together with a focus on living well. It will provide you and your family with techniques to save time and energy and find out what will really make a difference. We would like to see if we can support you to raise the health and wellbeing of you and your family in 6 weeks.

United Wellness will help you to develop new techniques to improve the above and may help you think differently about your situation. It is an opportunity to connect with other people who are also trying new things to improve or manage their wellness and you’ll be helping make things better for them. We are looking for both families and individuals to take part.
If you’re interested in trying United Wellness, would like more information or know someone who might be interested, give Busayo a call on 02070896962 or email busayoa@participle.net. 

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