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by Garreth

arthritis-care-Scotland-bannerArthritis Care Scotland’s “TLC for LTC” self-management programme proving popular.

TLC for LTC’ is a self-management project for people with long-term conditions (LTC) and their carers – who might be family, friends or neighbours.

A recent recruit said:
“… my self esteem and confidence has soared beyond my wildest dreams. I feel good that I can help educate and assist others with long term conditions to best manage their condition and improve their quality of life.”

What makes this project so appealing to local communities is that it was created in response to feedback from previous service users who highlighted the challenges to people with long-term conditions, who want to follow empowering self-management principles but whose carers are unsure how to best support this. As Arthritis Care wants everyone who lives with a long term condition to live as full and active a life as possible,  ‘TLC for LTC’ uses peer-led, community-based training of self-management approaches for those with LTCs along with separate sessions for carers  who are also (indirectly) living with a long term condition.

Arthritis Care Scotland trains community volunteers in a free 4-day train-the-trainer course which gives them a Scottish Vocational Qualification in presenting and facilitating – as well as an impressive diet of transferrable skills. Volunteers are then given ongoing support as they deliver the ‘TLC for LTC’ training package in their local areas.

The project has proved to be popular in the target areas to date of Orkney and Lanarkshire with plans already underway to train more volunteers in the Western Isles, Shetland, Fife, Glasgow and Aberdeenshire. A less scripted approach than previous ‘Stanford-type’ models allows those who best understand living with a LTC to create a powerful interaction with people from their local communities who undertake the modular training course. The workshops – which each focus on particular aspects of living with a long-term condition including effective communication, managing change and understanding pain – bring to the community well-developed skills and understanding of how to achieve a better quality of life by managing and regaining control over long-term conditions. Understanding how to manage change and communicate effectively can lessen the impact on their lives and that of the wider family.

The ‘TLC for LTC’ project is supported by the Self Management IMPACT Fund for Scotland provided by the Scottish Government, administered by Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland. For more information on this and Arthritis Care Scotland’s full project portfolio, please visit

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