Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance

Tipping Point

by Garreth

As you read this, ARMA will be at the BSR Conference, launching our new MSK Knowledge Hub.

This will be a resource for everyone working on any aspect of MSK. The Hub will widen the ability of the MSK community to collaborate and share knowledge. Anyone can access the resources – why not take a look and see what’s already been posted? You can also register to post your own materials and to access the discussion forum. If you can’t find the discussion topic you want, let us know and we can create a channel for you. I am excited to see how the Hub will be used to increase collaboration.

ARMA members have just started to discuss our strategy for 2019 – 2021. Something said by the CEO of one of our members struck me as very true: “It feels as though we are at a tipping point.” MSK is rising up the agenda. The DWP, Health and Safety Executive, business, the insurance industry – everyone is beginning to realise the impact the MSK has on every aspect of society. The NHS has increasing numbers of initiatives looking to improve MSK services, and Public Health England’s new strategy for the first time includes a programme on MSK.

Opportunities are everywhere, which means ARMA faces a different challenge: to use them to best advantage. We are no longer knocking at the door, but deciding which doors to walk through to make the maximum difference for people with MSK conditions. Our strategy will be all about choices: How do we make sure nothing is forgotten? There is currently too little focus, for instance, on mental health or pain – two things that are important to everyone with an MSK condition. For which issues can we do more together than any of us could achieve alone? Where is collaboration most needed?

If, like me, you think this is an exciting challenge, then get involved and collaborate. Join the Hub; join our Network; make sure your organisation is a member of ARMA. Things in MSK are tipping. Together we can give the push that will tip them in the right direction.

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