Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance

Three wasted years

by Vicky Skingley

Three wasted years:

Evaluating progress in delivering improved rheumatoid arthritis services

A recent report launched by Arthritis Care into health services for people with RA, based on a survey of patients, clinicians & commissioners on the quality of RA services in their local area.  It also makes 20 of policy recommendations aimed at improving outcomes for people with RA. 

It reveals the lack of progress made in improving (RA) services, subsequent to reports written by the National Audit Office & the Public Accounts Committee 3 years ago (hence the title).

The findings of the survey reveal that more than half of people with RA have to visit their GP on more than three occasions before being referred to a specialist for assessment and treatment. In addition, 75% of the healthcare professionals felt that RA services are not being sufficiently prioritised by the NHS.

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