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Arthritis Care Scotland’s Joint Working Project coordinator Maureen McAllister was part of a working group to develop a training resource which promotes the benefits of work on health and wellbeing

‘Just The Job’, a new animation launched by NHS Education, highlights the important relationship between work and health and wellbeing.

The animation, sponsored by the Scottish Government, is relevant to a diverse range of staff in NHS Scotland, the third sector (not for profit, non-governmental) and other settings. It explains in a nutshell the links between work, health and wellbeing, encourages everyone to be proactive in supporting people with health conditions to remain in, return to or move towards working whenever possible.

While work may not always seem like an obvious source of health and wellbeing, it can be. We know that the longer someone is off work, the harder it becomes to go back, but not so many people know that actually being out of work can affect people’s physical and mental health. That’s why it is important staff ask how a person’s health condition is affecting their ability to work and address this health inequality.

Michael Matheson, Minister for Public Health, explains:
“Evidence shows that regular and meaningful occupation, including paid work, is vital for good health and wellbeing.  Scotland has already taken significant steps towards addressing this through a number of initiatives including the Health Works Strategy.  This animation is an innovative way of spreading the word still further.  It sends a simple and easy to understand message to all who view it and it is relevant to staff in all agencies as well as the general public.”

just-the-job1 just-the-job2

To maximise the reach of the animation, NHS Education for Scotland partnered with Arthritis Care Scotland, The ALLIANCE, Work4ME, Scottish Government, Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives, NHS Ayrshire and Arran and Department for Work & Pensions.

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To watch the animation (under 3 minutes long) visit:
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