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Improving the sustainability of the healthcare system by removing barriers for people with long-term conditions

Sustainable-Healthcare-reportThis report from the Sustainable Healthcare Steering Group, launched in the House of Commons on 17th June 2014, examines how the NHS cares for the 15 million people1 living in England with long-term conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, dementia or asthma.

With half of GP appointments and two thirds of outpatient and A&E visits already accounted for by people with long-term conditions, and £7 out of every £10 the NHS budget2 currently spent in this area, it is vital that the NHS finds new ways to work more efficiently.

The report, which follows recent warnings from new NHS Chief Executive Simon Stevens that care for long-term conditions needs to be “radically transformed”, makes 12 clear recommendations for change around three core themes – taking a patient-centred approach, harnessing technology, and helping people navigate the healthcare system – and identifies examples of innovative practice already happening in the NHS.

Among its 12 recommendations the report calls for:

1.    All people with a long-term condition to have a named healthcare professional with the appropriate expertise to support the coordination of their care
2.    The NHS to examine the potential for existing technologies, that tap into digital systems that people already use, to be expanded across the country to enable more people with long-term conditions to benefit from them
3.    The NHS to explore pilot programmes to establish the value of care-coordinators in supporting people to navigate the healthcare system more easily and efficiently

Download the report here. (PDF, 900 kb)

See more details on the College of Medicine website.


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2 Department of Health, Improving the health and well-being of people with long-term conditions: World class services for people with long-term conditions – Information tool for commissioners, January 2010, page 4.



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