Stene Prize 2012

by Vicky Skingley
Eular Logo  Stene Prize 2012, winning essay

This year the theme “Overcoming the challenges of getting around with a rheumatic or musculoskeletal disease” was featured and the EULAR secretariat received entries from 19 member countries which is the highest number ever. Several of these countries were engaging for the first time in the competition which is a great development.

EULAR are very happy to report that all entries were remarkably well written and several were really innovative and very inspiring. These criteria were used by the five Jury members in order to score each entry and they had a difficult choice to make as the quality was very high. However, the final choice of the Jury was supported by all members.

The Jury is delighted to announce that the Stene Prize 2012 is awarded to Mrs. Raija Heimonen from Finland. To the Presidents and Secretariats of the national EULAR member organisations of People with Arthritis/Rheumatism in Europe
(PARE). We are writing to congratulate Mrs. Raija Heimonen very warmly and look very much forward to meeting her in Berlin this year in June.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those who shared their personal stories with us very warmly. For the
Jury it was an enriching experience and very moving to read so many meaningful thoughts and experiences. As we were so pleased with the overall response and high quality of entries it has been decided to once again develop a Stene Prize
Booklet out of a selection of entries received for the 2012 competition, which will be published in time for the EULAR congress.

To read the winning essay, please select “Read booklet 2012” under Stene Prize Booklets.

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