Rheumatoid Arthritis Summit

by Garreth

The National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society held its second annual RA Summit in Parliament on 11 December. This year’s event focused on the impact of poor public awareness on rheumatoid arthritis patients and the NHS. The event was chaired by Baroness Brinton, the new Liberal Democrat Health Spokesperson in the House of Lords, and featured presentations from individuals including the National Clinical Director for Musculoskeletal Conditions, Professor Peter Kay, and Professor Karim Raza, a leading expert on public awareness issues relating to rheumatoid arthritis at Birmingham University.

During the event, Professor Peter Kay said he regarded poor public awareness of RA as now the number one challenge to improving clinical outcomes for RA. Professor Kay also pledged to hold an event to bring together the key players to discuss the way forward for an awareness campaign on inflammatory arthritis and he joined in a public call for the National Audit Office to review the implementation of its 2009 report recommendations on rheumatoid arthritis services.

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