23 July 2019

The Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance, an alliance of prominent health charities, professional and research bodies, welcomed the publication of the Advancing our health: prevention in the 2020s consultation document from the UK Government.

The Green Paper recognises that for the last 30 years, problems with joints, bones and muscles have been the most common cause of years lived with disability in England and the Green Paper’s proposition includes increasing the join-up across mental and physical health services. It includes ensuring businesses are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need for musculoskeletal health, convening a reference group on this. The document also recognises the scale and cost of MSK conditions – to individuals and the economy – and the need to take further action.

We are pleased to see the importance placed on musculoskeletal health in the prevention green paper as there are effective ways to prevent many musculoskeletal conditions, which is why Public Health England recently published a strategic framework for musculoskeletal prevention. However, there also needs to be sustained financial and political commitment if we are going to improve health outcomes in the long term.

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