Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance

New research has found a high demand for help to cope with the social and emotional implications of inflammatory arthritis among patients. The study, which will be presented at Rheumatology 2014 this month, found that patients need more support to deal with the impact of long term pain and tiredness. Read more online.


Tell BSR your ideas for sessions at Rheumatology 2015

Have an input into Rheumatology 2015 by sharing your ideas for sessions by 16 May 2014.
Proposals should be made online and need to include:

  • The type of session it will be (please note, select ‘main session’ unless you are a special interest group convenor)
  • Its title and/or topic
  • An aim and three outcomes for the session
  • The skill level of the audience
  • Name and contact details for the convenor and speakers
  • Presentation titles
  • Content outline

Please send in your session proposals by 16 May 2014.


Please give up five minutes to help BSR with the next stage of their website development

Thank you to everyone who helped by taking part in the card-sorting exercise for the BSR website. Following this they have designed a quick exercise to check that what they’ve planned for the website will work for you. Please help them by taking part in the online test.

The test involves finding an item in the proposed structure. There are no right or wrong answers – and you can skip any question that you don’t want to do. Five minutes of your time will help BSR make sure the website works well for you.




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