psalvlogo167th World Health Assembly recognizes psoriasis as a serious non-communicable disease, May 2014. 

PSALV asked The Scottish Government and Michael Matheson, Minister for Public Health, to support a resolution on psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis which was considered by the World Health Assembly, May 2014. Both the Minister and the Scottish Government supported the resolution.

WHO-imageWe are delighted to report that the resolution was adopted at the 67th World Health Assembly last week by the WHO member states.

Kathleen Gallant, Secretary of IFPA and Chair IFPA Task Force on NCDs, states:
“The adoption of the psoriasis resolution by the 67th World Health Assembly sends a powerful, global message that psoriasis is a serious immune-mediated, painful and disabling NCD that needs greater public awareness of its inflammatory nature, many physical and psychosocial impacts and shared risk factors with other, more deadly NCDs. This is a great opportunity for education and greater understanding, making a tremendous collective first step towards alleviating the devastating effects of this chronic inflammatory disease.”
(Stockholm, May, 2014)


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