PSALV, Psoriasis Scotland Activities

by Garreth


  • PSALV, Psoriasis Scotland has been lobbying for the inclusion of quality indicators for psoriasis and PsA in the Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) 2014/15 Local Delivery Plan and has just received confirmation that the proposal has been accepted onto the HIS work programme.

    In 2008, the charity e-petitioned the Scottish Parliament for NHS Clinical Guidelines for Skin and Joint Psoriasis and subsequently, was invited to join the working group as patient representatives. SIGN NHS Clinical Guideline 121 for Psoriasis/PsA in Scotland was published in October 2010

  • PSALV, Psoriasis Scotland helped to initiate a Cross Party Group for Psoriasis/PsA, attended by MSPs from across the political spectrum. The CPG has been running for several years, now. The next AGM will be held on Wed 19 March 2014 at 6pm. If you wish to attend, please contact


  • PSALV, Psoriasis Scotland attended “The Arthritis Care Scotland Professional Lecture: 3 R’s: Recognise, Respond, Relieve” at the Scottish Parliament, 5 February 2014.
  • PSALV, Psoriasis Scotland contacted the Cabinet Secretary and the Minister for Public Health, February 2014, to ask the Scottish Government to support IFPA and psoriasis associations worldwide in their campaign to put psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis on the agenda of the World Health Organization. During the 133rd meeting of the WHO Executive Board in 2013, a resolution on psoriasis/PsA and World Psoriasis Day, which is held each year on 29 October, was proposed and discussed, leading to unanimous adoption by the WHO Executive Board.

    In May 2014, the resolution will be put to the vote to all Member States at the World Health Assembly. This resolution is important as it will send a powerful, global message that psoriasis/PsA are serious non-communicable diseases (NCDs) that need greater public awareness of inflammatory nature, psychosocial impacts and shared risk factors with other, more deadly NCDs.


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