Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance

PORTSStaff Visit Arthritis Care

by Garreth


The Musculoskeletal Clinical Service Centre (CSC) at Portsmouth Hospitals consists of the Trauma, Orthopaedic, Rheumatology and Chronic Pain specialities. Recently, the CSC visited the Arthritis Care charity to discuss their joint efforts to support those living with arthritis, both locally and nationally.


Pictured here from left: Stewart Long (Director of Nations and Services AC), Margaret Fletcher (MSK Audit Manager PHT), Charly Hughes (Apprentice secretary PHT), Colin Beevor (Matron and Service Manager PHT), Judi Rhys (Chief Executive AC), Sadie Bartosz (Biologics Optimisation Co-ordinator PHT), Wi Rongavilla (Senior Charge Nurse PHT), Sandy Marshall (Service Manager AC), Nikki Hill (Director of Policy and Communications AC), and John Roskilly (Associate Practitioner PHT).

Arthritis Care is the UK’s largest organisation working with and for all people with arthritis, and as a membership organisation has a network of local branches and groups. Judi Rhys, Chief Executive for Arthritis Care, said: “It was a pleasure to welcome Colin Beevor and his team to Arthritis Care and we look forward to future productive partnerships.”

Colin Beevor, Matron in Rheumatology, said: “We were delighted to have the opportunity to visit the centre and talk about the great work the charity does. It also gave us all the opportunity to showcase some of the work we do locally and to discuss working opportunities to support both patients and their family.”

John Roskilly (Associate Practitioner): “Arthritis and its impact on quality of life too often goes under the radar, so Arthritis Care should not only be congratulated for their work supporting people living with arthritis, but for bringing this important issue to the attention of others.”

Wil Rongavilla (Senior Charge Nurse- Orthopaedic Elective Ward): “Taking time out to visit Arthritis Care allowed us to hear about services provided and to share some very valuable information about the role of the charity. They are all truly an inspiration.”

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