PMR-GCA Scotland is pleased to advise that in 2014 we are expanding our Support Group network beyond Dundee. Following an informal first meeting in Inverness, we will be holding a similar meeting in Edinburgh in February and hopefully in Glasgow in late Spring. It will depend on the appetite of people attending whether a more formal arrangement will follow but it is only by talking to people affected with the two conditions that we can ensure that the right non-medical support is made available. We also distributed a questionnaire amongst our contacts just before Christmas and have received responses which will help us further build the charity’s effectiveness. The full analysis should be completed by March 2014.

We are able to confirm our 2014 AGM and Annual Meeting which will be held on 17 April 2014 at the Queen’s Hotel Dundee. Two speakers have been arranged:

Dr Lisa Hutton: Consultant physician/rheumatologist at Inverclyde Royal Hospital. Her interest in rheumatology and osteoporosis began in Aberdeen where she worked at the Osteoporosis Research Unit with Professor David Reid and Professor Stuart Ralston and was one of the authors of the first SIGN guideline on Osteoporosis. She completed her rheumatology training in Glasgow before taking up her consultant post at Inverclyde. Since this time she has overseen the establishment of DXA facilities at both major hospitals in Clyde.

Eric Clark: Internationally acclaimed investigative journalist and author who has experienced the trauma of a PMR & GCA diagnosis and is currently working on a book with Professor Bhaskar Dasgupta provisionally entitled ‘PMR and GCA At Your Fingertips’. Some of our members have contributed to this landmark book.

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