PMR and GCA Scotland reorganise database

We have recently had to reorganise our database, in order to maximise its use, and the statistics that have emerged have surprised us. We have 707 names with PMR or GCA. 422 have PMR and 285 have GCA or PMR & GCA. Therefore 40%+ have GCA ….a rare disease!!! We are well aware that many with PMR, not severely affected, get by without needing information or support so these figures do not give a balanced picture.

Many of those diagnosed with PMR also have several GCA symptoms but not the diagnosis. Is there a case for asking patients diagnosed with PMR if they have headaches, jaw pain, sore teeth, tender scalp, difficulty swallowing etc because many people we speak to do not know the significance of these symptoms which are often intermittent and they don’t think to mention them to the GP?

These figures also beg the question ‘is GCA a rare disease or could it be rarely diagnosed?’ There does seem to be a need for more clarification of these conditions because of the often vague symptoms.

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