PIER Review Room

by Garreth

Message from Stephen Tatton of ARMA Stoke:

In the January Newsletter I mentioned that we were given the go ahead for a project that we have been working on for quite a number of years. We have been working on what we call a Patient Information, Education and Resource (PIER) Room.

The idea behind this “room” is that clinicians within the hospital are extremely busy, so much so that they may not always have the time to answer all the questions that patients may want to ask them, or that patients may not think of questions until after they leave their consultation. This is where the PIER comes in: patients new or existing can come along to ask for advice concerning not only their condition, but also about support groups, aid or anything else they may be concerned about.

We realise that we cannot give medical or financial advice etc., but we can steer patients in the right direction. I know that this may not sound like anything new, and that there are a lot of advice centres up and down the country, but what we think is unique is that this centre will be run by patients (all volunteers) for patients.

We do have a lot of work in front of us, not only in gathering all the required information and compiling a database from which we can work, but also in sourcing any literature that we may need. There is a core group of 3 volunteers who are putting in as much time as possible to make this work, and we are hoping to be open by August or September 2013.

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