North Wales ARMA Signposting

by Garreth


Over the last two years, North Wales ARMA Network Group (NWARMA) has developed a meaningful working relationship with the North Wales Betsi Cadwaladwr University Health Board (BCUHB). This relationship was formalised in the ground-breaking ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ launched on 31st July 2014.

In the next few weeks a ‘Signposting’ initiative will also be launched. This will include the distribution of posters to GP Surgeries, NHS outpatient Clinics and other relevant agencies.

Details will be highlighted here on the ARMA UK website as soon as the documentation has been formally released for circulation.
Patients receiving an appointment letter for an MSK-orientated NHS clinic in North Wales will also receive a flyer highlighting the range of ARMA Umbrella Organisations and the ways to obtain details of the support they are able to offer.

Information will also be available – and has been for the last 12 months as a pilot – through the NHS Intranet for NHS personnel. For the general public the Health Board has created a webpage for NWARMA accessed through their Website. This webpage will hold information and links to ARMA and all ARMA Umbrella Organisations as well as NWARMA Terms of Reference and other relevant documentation.

In conclusion, NWARMA wishes to thank BCUHB, its officers and staff for the opportunity to work with them in a meaningful partnership which will hopefully lead to an enhanced quality of life and experience for service users and professionals within the Musculoskeletal community.

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