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BAcC-logo-2015-squareThe British Acupuncture Council are extremely frustrated and disappointed about the new guidelines from NICE which removes acupuncture as a recommendation for lower back pain. We believe the basis of removing acupuncture is based on some very questionable evidence interpretation.

Read the Guardian’s announcement about it here. The consultation period on the new guidelines is open until 5th May 2016. Please sign this petition opposing the new guidelines, and send it on to others too.

Petition on

The BAcC’s public statement on this is as follows:

Nick Pahl, CEO of the British Acupuncture Council says: ‘It is extremely regrettable these draft guidelines suggest acupuncture should not be offered for managing non-specific low back pain with or without sciatica. There has been significant research carried out in this area and our practitioners often report that many patients find traditional acupuncture to be extremely beneficial in the management of musculoskeletal conditions. They enjoy the holistic nature of the therapy where the focus is on the individual and the root cause of a problem. We would welcome further discussion with NICE before the guidelines are published in September.’


Scottish Government CAM guidance

The Scottish Government updates guidance on complementary and alternative medicine.

The Scottish Government has updated its guidance about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). The revised guidance provides information to all NHS Boards, Special Boards and Health and Social Care Partnerships in Scotland about the Professional Standards Authority’s accredited registers programme such as BAcC. 

The guidance can be viewed on the Scottish Government’s website.

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